Kazakhstan III: Home Sweet Home

A friend of Anna’s parents, ‘Onkel Jura’, has invited us to spend the remaining time in Almaty in his house at the foot of the mountains. He and his wife are not there, but we should spend our time in Almaty at his estate. Not in a hotel. Basta. Wiederrede is useless. Kazakh hospitality is not the one to be turned down.

Kazakhstan II: that makes it three of us in a VW van

A well-known quote tells us that eventually all roads lead to Rome. But there are multiple means to achieve the same end. Such as getting to Almaty in Kazakhstan for example. Some take the long way around. Endless driving through potholes, spending the night at border crossings and leisurely exploring the terrain on the way over.

Kazakhstan I: goal reached (!!) and back into holiday mode

We leave the Kirgiz border behind us and drive on to Almaty. The goal of our travel is – unbelievable but true ...

Kirgizstan: kumis and other unplanned delights

As soon as we left Tajikistan and drove down into Kirgizstan, the scenery changed. Within meters after crossing the 4280m Kyzyl-Art pass everything turned green.

Life on the road Part II: same, same, but different

And how’s our life after more than 2 months on 3 square meters? Home – Berlin/ Europe – is more than 9000 kilometre away.

Tajikistan & the Pamir: if you don’t go, you never know

It has been a while since our last post, but we’re back. 99 days on the road today and still about 30 to go before we should be back in Berlin. But first… our adventures in Tajikistan. And adventurous it has been.

Uzbekistan: good food, happy people and registration slips

We’ve been looking forward to the land of 1001-night and the heart lands of the old Silk Road. Uzbekistan probably is the cultural highlight along our route and we are excited to see what it will bring us.

Half way round

A couple of days ago - for the first time - we saw a road sign pointing towards Almaty. ‘Only’ 1325 km down the road. It brought shivers down the spine. After driving around for about two months and seeing so much, you would almost forget that our goal – Almaty - is getting within hands-reach.

Kazakhstan: enter adventure

After a bit more than 24 hours on the ferry, a shower :), chicken with pasta, chicken with rice and a great sunset, we arrive in the harbour of Aktau. Kazakhstan. The country where Anna was born. Milestone.

Azerbaijan: and how to get across the Caspian

After 10 days in Georgia – that really have flown by – it is time to move on. We would have loved to stay longer, but still have quite some distance to cover. The next days are about getting to the other side of the Caspian Sea.

Georgia Part II: David Garij & the wine region

After not even 24 hours in Tblisi we were longing for fresh air again.

Georgia: you gotta love it

Georgia is completely different from Turkey, but we love it.

Turkey Black Sea Coast Part II: Sinope to Georgia

Some rain and lot's of Chai. After Sinope, Turkey decided we had seen enough

Life on the road

Today it is exactly 3 weeks and 3 days since we left Berlin. We’ve already driven 4763 km, learned a word or two in 5 different languages and are (finally) getting some colour. So how is our life on the road?

Turkey’s Black Sea Coast: Istanbul to Trabzon

After a couple of days on Turkish soil, it is fair to say that Turkey still looks and feels quite a bit like Europe: except for the omnipresent mosques

Romania vs. Bulgaria

After driving through both Romania and Bulgaria, we noticed that both countries are quite different

Abenteuer an der rumänisch-bulgarischen Grenze

Beim näher kommen der rumänisch-bulgarischen Grenze sehen wir schon die ersten Bremslichter.

Transylvania: the land of Dracula and Germans

Our motto for the next days was: “Eeh ab in den Süden, der Sonne hinterher, ejo ans Meer… ”

How it feels to be a model.


Hungary: beautifull Budapest & flat Pampa

After leaving the Wachau, we followed the course of the Danube towards Budapest. Around Vienna it went very ...

Ich packe meinen Koffer und nehme mit … / Ik ga op vakantie en neem mee …

Das willst du alles mitnehmen? Und wofür drauchst du so viele ...

Die Wachau. Austrias wine basket

Heuriger & Federspiel About 8 years ago, while skiing in the Austrian Alps, I discovered my favourite supermarket: M-Preis.

Pimp My Ride

As we had left Germany in the early evening, it was already 21:30 when we arrived at ... .

From Meissen To Prague

Anna behind the wheel. The 190 km from Meissen to Prague turned out to be a nice test drive for me. We were expecting bad roads as of Romania, but as it turns out

Some days later than planned but…. We’re rolling!

Into the great unknown. With Reinier’s track record, it won’t be such a surprise, but our planned departure date (April 4th) …

Getting The Girl Fit For Our Travels

From a long-, to a relatively short list December 30st 2015 we could call ourselves the proud owners of an VW T3 camper van. Now we had three months to get our girl fit for our travels. But where to start …

Pre-Holiday Fun

What you can learn from visa applications If you ever consider travelling to Central Asia - or any other visa-heavy segment of the world - I can only recommend you to have three things.
Volkswagen T3 - Drivinghome.eu

Ladies & Gentleman, We Got Her!

Meet our travel companion: Mali After spending countless hours on Autoscout, Mobile.de, Marktplaats and EbayKleinanzeigen we finally found a Bulli that made both of us smile.

The Hunt For The Right Vehicle

Now that the destination for our overland travel has been decided, we’re up for our next choice. The Car. Sounds pretty

Where are we now?